Episode 34: FLY Travel Radio Episode 173: Embracing Unexpected Change, with Hilary Messer-Barrow


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FLY Travel Radio with Melissa Rodway

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This week on FLY, you will meet Hilary Messer-Barrow. Hilary is a Vancouverite who had never lived too far from her childhood home. All of that changed in 2019, when she left her family and familiar urban comforts to move with her now husband up to Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek sits on the border of Alaska and the Yukon and is home to approximately 93 people. The closest city is Whitehorse which is 450kms away. This is a story about making big changes, discovering a relationship with nature, and how an unexpected transition can lead to a whole different way of being in the world.Original broadcast on CIUT89.5FM and www.ciut.fm.Complete FLY Travel Radio collection can be found at flyrodway.com/. Contact me if there is a topic or person you are interested in hearing about on FLY Travel Radio at info@flyrodway.com.