Episode 35: FLY Travel Radio Episode 174: Tales, Tips and Grilled Cheese, with Jonathan van Bilsen, photosNtravel


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It was a true pleasure to speak with Jonathan van Bilsen of photosNtravel back in May. Jonathan is a natural storyteller who happens to live in my hometown of Port Perry, Ontario where you can often find him interviewing some of the 'movers and shakers' who live there. Everyone has a story. An avid traveller, Jonathan has been to 106 countries (soon to be 107, our fingers are crossed for him), resulting in entertaining stories, useful travel tips and the impressive fact that he never gets sick. JVB is an author, photographer, keynote speaker, columnist, talk show host and the television host of photosNtravel. He is extremely funny, and I had a lot of laughs during my time with him.Original broadcast on CIUT 89.5FM and www.ciut.fm. For the complete FLY Travel Radio collection and blog posts, go to https://flyrodway.com/.