Episode 36 - The Physics of Superheroes w/ James Kakalios


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Nerd Quest Podcast


Ever wonder how the effects of shrinking would have on Ant-Man? Or perhaps you've wondered how Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, is unable to be moved unless wielded by one who is worthy? Or maybe you've been pondering how a well Iron Man's titanium-gold alloy suit would hold up in battle? This episode seeks to answer those very questions -- and more. James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota, as well as an author, and has even done consulting work for the 2009 hit movie, 'Watchmen'. And if that wasn't impressive enough, he is also the author of "The Physics of Everyday Things", "The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics", and our personal favorite, "The Physics of Superheroes". To find out more about James' work, visit: www.kakalios.com