Episode 4: Epistemia


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Verity Weaver


Verity stops off on a quiet-looking planet to refuel and rest after the last few adventures, but her day takes an unexpected turn when she’s mistaken for a senior academic philosopher! Playing along to avoid severe repercussions, Verity soon discovers that all is not as it seems in the University of Epistemia: students are being murdered, and the Department of Nootropics hides a dark secret… Cast and Crew: Verity Weaver - Alena Van Arendonk Professor Helen Vaughn - Cassandra Schomer Professor Abblesteady Hodge - Angus Scott Professor Ethan Miller - Jonathan Scholey Jo - Bex Chadwick Shaun Boland - Jack David Shaun's Mother - Jess Nesling Dr Baxendale - Robbie Fox The Dean - Duncan Hess Writers - David McCormack and Nina Sarkozi Composer - Pat Delia Theme Music - Seeming Featuring music from Nigel Thomas and Draiocht Producers - David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkozi