Episode 48: Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift


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Its safe to say everyone was shocked when it was announced that Facebook was purchasing the VR hardware company Oculus Rift. The collective "What?" was heard across the vastness of the Internet. We've done quite a bit of coverage of the Oculus Rift over the past year and felt that we couldn't let this opportunity pass us on discussing the whys of this acquisition and what possibilities lie ahead. In this episode we cover all of the above and speculate about Sony's new VR offering and how we feel that Sony helps to legitimize the future of VR and how Facebook might have just saved Oculus Rift's future from the Sony onslaught. Please don't forget to help support us by clicking on the Amazon link down below. Nothing is added to your Amazon purchase, we just get a little percentage. http://majortechnicality.com/amazon Host: Jared Goldstein - http://twitter.com/jaredagoldstein Co-Hosts: Farid Mokraoui - http://twitter.com/farmok Dale Everett Bryan Brake - http://twitter.com/bryanbrake Theme Music: Father Bingo - http://fatherbingo.bandcamp.com