BIS [on] Radio Season 01, Ep 6


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Hello Listeners! We are elated to present to you yet another episode of BIS[ON]Radio and a very special one at that!This episode is a celebration of the launch of the BIS-Eco Club by the Environmental Management students of Grade 9.Join us as our students discuss the Human Impact on Environment and gain insights from our very experienced guest speaker. Dr. Anshika Singh, a Marine Biologist & Scientist, has completed her bachelor's and master's degree in engineering in the field of biotechnology. With marine sponges and their microbial diversity, environmental genomics, marine chemical ecology, and blue biotechnology as her key interest areas, she is presently trying to study the impact of anthropogenic pollution (particularly microplastics) on the marine sponges and explore the potential of using these sponges as the bioindicator of environmental conditions of the reef. Parallelly, she is also developing an interdisciplinary action plan to utilize these marine sponges and their unique symbionts for the welfare of human beings. Listen on for an enriching experience about plastic pollution and the role that sponges can play in dealing with it!