Episode 5: Growth Hacks & Digital Marketing(ft. CEO Stockedge - Vineet Patawari)


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In this episode we talk with Vineet Patwari who is a Chartered Accountant, IIM Indore alumni and the founder , CEO of Elearnmarkets & Stockedge (has over 2 million downloads on play store. In this episode we go through his journey . We talk about growth hacking and try to understand it in simple terms then we go to Personal finance and why Indians do not discuss money. After that we discuss Digital Marketing Mantras and in general how can we grow in our business and make it visible for the world. So to learn hacks to grow and principles of Digital Marketing , listen the full episode and enjoy. Special thanks to Pratyasha for editing the video ,she is a lovely friend and a great editor ,artist. Head to her Instagram Id-@pratyasha_routray and show her some love.