Episode 5: Mastering the Art of Effective Communication: Insights from Ms. Jayeta, English Faculty at BS International School"


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BS International School Spotlight


Ms. Jayeta, the English Faculty at BS International School, emphasizes the significance of effective communication to her listeners. She underscores the importance of clear expression, both verbally and non-verbally, and highlights the need for attention to words, presentation, and timing for communication to yield the desired results. Ms. Jayeta also encourages seeking feedback to ensure the message reaches the correct person and is well-received.

    "Communication is an integral part of one's life. It is the way of expressing or conveying our views, opinions and thoughts to others. We, as humans, cannot survive without communicating with each other. Whether it's verbal communication, which includes oral or written words or non-verbal communication through body language, like gestures and posture.

     It is true that communication is done by all of us, but how effective it is, that is the matter of concern. Our aim should be not only to communicate but to communicate effectively. For this, one needs to focus on the words or sentences they are using. The way the message is spoken or presented needs attention to make it effective. If it is not effective, the desired result won't come, rendering the communication a useless effort.

    Speakers should avoid certain barriers to effective communication, such as physical, mental, mechanical or environmental barriers. The sender of the message should always seek feedback from the listener or receiver to ensure that the message has reached the correct person and whether it requires any rectification.

    Effectiveness in communication can work wonders. Appropriate words and timing are also crucial. In conclusion, the right word conveyed to the right person at the right time will bring out the desired result of the communication, making it effective."

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