Episode 5: The Veil of Ignorance


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Verity Weaver


Three people wake up in a room.  They don’t know who they are or how they got there, only that they have a task: create the perfect world.  Meanwhile, Verity Weaver embarks upon a perilous journey across worlds, guided by Dr Helen Vaughn, to find her way home. From Absence to the Clockwork Republic of Eridani, she meets new friends and foes, but at the end of the road looms an unspeakable sacrifice which will have lasting consequences for everyone. Cast and Crew: Verity Weaver - Alena Van Arendonk Professor Helen Vaughn - Cassandra Schomer Ship Computer - Laine Ferio  Representative A - Aurora Adams Al - Chris Harris-Beechey The Clockworkers - Jack David New Eridanian - Margaret Sutherland Representative B - Daniel Warren Representative C - Jorel Paul Newsreader - Nicki Marinovic Dr Baxendale - Robbie Fox Writer - Nina Sarkozi Head Writer - David McCormack Composers - David McCormack and Pat Delia Theme Music - Seeming Assistant Casting Director - Andrew Davis Producers - David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkozi The Veil of Ignorance is based on a thought experiment by John Rawls in his famous work, A Theory of Justice (1971).