Episode 50: Self-Driving Cars


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Autonomous cars have been talking about quite alot over the past few years. With Google demonstrating that the concept is a viable one several years ago, laws have been past in 5 states so far to allow these cars on the road. In this week's episode we discuss some of the pitfalls that may plague wide release of self-driving cars. Security and privacy are some of our largest concerns with the high possibility of cars being tracked with personal information gathered for the purposes of "metrics". However, we do see that autonomous cars would be a huge boom when it comes to taxis and public-like transportation. Even though we feel that there are some issues concerning self-driving cars, we do feel it is a viable technology with some great applications. Please don't forget to help support us by clicking on the Amazon link down below. Nothing is added to your Amazon purchase, we just get a little percentage. Host: Jared Goldstein - http://twitter.com/jaredagoldstein Co-Hosts: Farid Mokraoui - http://twitter.com/farmok Dale Everett Bryan Brake - http://twitter.com/bryanbrake Theme Music: Father Bingo - http://fatherbingo.bandcamp.com