Episode 51: FCC vs. Net Neutrality


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Back in January 2014, after a federal appeals court told the FCC that they didn't have the authority to regulate broadband access, we were told by the FCC that this isn't the end of the Net Neutrality fight. The Internet rejoiced. Nearly four months later a report leaked from the FCC stating their support for a "Fast Lane". This would allow companies to pay ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to allow their traffic to flow through the ISP network at increased speeds/priorities than other Internet traffic. For many this is a major shot at Net Neutrality. In this week's episode we discuss the ramifications of this report, including going down the rabbit hole with a worst case scenario of Net Neutrality being thrown out the window. How does this affect America, the world, and how we use the Internet at large? Please don't forget to help support us by clicking on the Amazon link down below. Nothing is added to your Amazon purchase, we just get a little percentage. http://majortechnicality.com/amazon Host: Jared Goldstein - http://twitter.com/jaredagoldstein Co-Hosts: Farid Mokraoui - http://twitter.com/farmok Dale Everett Bryan Brake - http://twitter.com/bryanbrake Theme Music: Father Bingo - http://fatherbingo.bandcamp.com