Episode 52 - 6/28/17 - Otep v. Kevorkian


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Angry Old Dudes Podcast


Sorry again for the delay. Between all the shows we've been running and Q's surgery, we were off for a bit. But we are back and some SHIT HAS GONE DOWN. Of course we cover the music news over the last few days, but then we get into Cincinnati's JUICIEST topic, the treacherous con artist masquerading as a promoter, he who has not yet been named, David Ryan Kevorkian. His latest debacle with the Otep show gave us plenty to talk about. We're on iTunes! Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/angryolddudes Follow us on Twitter @AngryOldDudes The Obnoxious Boot's "These Stages Were Made For Diving" is streaming on Spotify and Apple music, as well as available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Catch up with Q and Brandon at www.facebook.com/qberts www.facebook.com/maertz1 download the FREE "Brewed in Ohio" tristate comp here brewedinohio.bandcamp.com Check out Jay Armstrong's Podcast! Also take a listen to "Question Mark" kyhbb.com/