Episode 52: Extending the Human Lifespan


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Who wants to live forever? I doubt very few people would want to live forever, but over the past few years there have been many discoveries that could help prolong human life. Extending human life spans from 200-500 years is nice and all, but how would that affect society? Everything that we know and consider to be "normal" would have to drastically changed. In this week's episode we talk about the different aspects of society that will have to adapt to overcome the issues that significantly longer lifespans brings to the table. Overpopulation, natural resources, education, jobs and the workforce are just a few aspects of society that couldn't continue on in it's current state if humans were to drastically increase their lifespans. Please don't forget to help support us by clicking on the link down below. Nothing is added to your Amazon purchase, we just get a little percentage. http://majortechnicality.com/amazon Host: Jared Goldstein - http://twitter.com/jaredagoldstein Co-Hosts: Farid Mokraoui - http://twitter.com/farmok Bryan Brake - http://twitter.com/bryanbrake Theme Music: Father Bingo http://fatherbingo.bandcamp.com