Episode 55 - Beyond the Sun


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All-New Doctor Who Book Club

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September 2021 Book Club: Fall is in the air, so Chris & Matt head back to university - St Oscar’s that is - joining Professor Bernice Summerfield on an archeology field trip across multiple planets.  We’re reviewing the novel “Beyond the Sun,” by Matthew Jones, first published in 1997, which was the third book in the Virgin Publishing Benny line. Special thanks to Jo Bell for performing the dramatic reading this month.  You can check out her Write to Thrive writing prompt program here.   Also mentioned this month: “Bessie Come Home” by Paul Magrs Pip Madeley’s YouTube Channel Big Finish’s audio adaptation of “Beyond the Sun” Please help other Doctor Who fans find our show - by leaving us a rating on Apple Podcasts or your podcatcher of choice. Submit your comments via email… “who knows,” we may end up reading your feedback on the podcast!   Facebook: http://facebook.com/allnewdoctorwhobookclub  Twitter: @ANDWBCPodcast  Email: ANDWBCPodcast@gmail.com