Episode 6: No Skill-No Will


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FLY High Pod


Brought to you by DeliverPhilly4, and Garrison Roofing!LIVE from Krick Wuder as we are EVERY Tuesday!The FLY High squad get into the Eagles/Pats game from Sunday, discuss just how bad this receiver group really is, especially Agholor. They discuss the struggles of Carson Wentz, and whether or not he's clutch. Take positives away from the Eagles defense, and negatives from pretty much where ever they look. Finally, JG & Dunph talk about the big upcoming NFC matchup against Seattle, and as always our weekly NFL picks.We have a BIG announcement coming up later this week so please stay tuned for that!Make sure you join us LIVE at Krick Wuder next Tuesday as we have more giveaways and pleasure for your listening ears.