Episode 6: The First World


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Verity Weaver


Verity finds herself suddenly the most powerful woman in the galaxy, but the illusion of victory quickly begins to crumble when she comes to see the First World for what it really is. Real power lurks in the shadows, and the only way for Verity to confront it is to dine with the devil.  Alone, hopeless, and angry, Verity must face the end of the world and watch her reality crumble.  But first, a strong drink is in order… Cast and Crew: Verity Weaver - Alena Van Arendonk Dr Helen Vaughn - Cassandra Schomer Holomask Verity - Margaret Sutherland Barman - Ben Hynes Jude Hamlyn - David McCormack Former President - Aurora Adams Ship Computer - Laine Ferio Newsreader - Nicki Marinovic Citizen - Clara Laurinda Narrator - Daniel Warren Miner 1 - Tony Ripley Miner 2 - Jonathan Scholey Supervisor - Jorel Paul Dr Baxendale - Robbie Fox Professor Abblesteady Hodge - Angus Scott With Fable Ashwood as Lily Howkins Writer - David McCormack Script Editor - Nina Sarkozi Composers - David McCormack and Pat Delia Theme Music - Seeming Assistant Casting Director - Andrew Davis Producers - David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkozi With special thanks to Joseph Lidster and Serena Haywood.