Episode 60 - Yarn Puppies


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Relentless Knitting Podcast


EPISODE 60 Introductions Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Emily -  EmGemKnits, EmilyTheTechEditor - Instagram, and  EmilyTechEdits Ravelry.    Shout outs Introduce yourself in the Ravelry group or leave us a review on itunes or google play music or send us an email with feedback at mail@relentlessknitting.com We’d also love to hear from you in our “Meet a Knitter” thread.   What's knitting now Emily - Humulus by Isabell Kraemer in Custom Woolen mills - fuschia and white.    Karla -  Butterfly Cowl by Marin Melchior for a short row class (we knixed the spinter dishcloth).  Magnolia Chunky Sweater by Camilla Vad Humulus by Isabel Kraemer   FO’s - Emily -  The Atlantis Twins socks by Vincent Deslandes in old stash Sweet Georgia and some Sweet Fibre scraps.  Gentleman’s socks by Nancy Bush in Knitting Vintage Socks. Knit in Sweet Georgia for Dan Playdate by tin can knits in Black Cat custom Decepticon for Lizzie (I still have ot knit the buttons   Karla -   Night Lights Mitts - Karla Rae Santa Hat/Gurimalla Long Hat - Gurimalla Design   Design features Emily-  nothing too crazy… for now Karla - gauge on Humulus, short rows in butterfly cowl.   Knit-lit None - Still loving podcasts, Modern Wool by Abundant Earth for fleece prep etc   Spinning Emily -. I don’t even know why I own a wheel Karla  - wheel’s packed!    Crafternoon/Sew-what Emily - Friendship bracelet out of scrap yarn Karla - House house house!   Stash Enhancement Emily- Electric blue from Fat Marmot Knits (we love you Nikki), Santa gave me sock yarn (Diamond Select Footsie colour 510), A few extra skeins of CWM. Yarn for the MOOSES (Geilsk and Karisma). Tenderfoot in Catberry.    Karla - New goal, no yarn for 2020   Best laid plans Emily - Cumulous, mooses, moose hat? Weave and do all the things. Sock madness?   Karla -Magnolia, Abi's Socks, Mom's Socks, Hat for embroidery class, Baby cardigan, Humulus,  Podcast more...   KAL! 2020 - focus Jan 1st - Humulus Cast on   Talky Talk Emily -Sill have commit to knit prizes in the back of my head. One day I will send out prizes. coming up. Karla - Yarn Okanagan June 6th, Retreat May 22   Adventures in Mommyhood Emily- Nothing out of the ordinary.  Karla - screaming   Inquiring minds Tell us about you! Join us on Ravelry or our Facebook page