Episode 61 The Adventures Of The Great Neblinski - A New And Improved Hope - By JRR Tokkin


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Reads and Weeds


Shelly sits down with JRR Tokkin to talk about his debut novel, The Adventures of the Great Neblinski, a New and Improved Hope. Based on characters he cultivated with friends playing D&D decades ago, this fantasy follows the journey of a G'nome that is over 1000 years old who smokes weed and has monster friends and casts spells and it is all kinds of fun. There is a bird on Tokkin's shoulder the whole time we are talking about everything from how he became the most famous antler carver in Canada to how he came to raise dire wolves. If you love epic fantasy like Lord of the Rings AND ridiculousness like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you'll enjoy this book.