Episode 68: Don't Worry, I'm Not Eating Anyone (Annette Herfkens, Plane Crash Survivor)


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Anxious and Afraid The Pod


In this week's episode, Abby details the harrowing and incredible survival story of Annette Herfkens, the sole survivor of Vietnam Airlines flight 474 plane crash in 1992. Listen in to learn about the terrifying plane crash in the Vietnam jungle and the extraordinary woman who lived to tell the tale.Credits:Turbulence: A True Story Of Survival by Annette HerfkensIndependent.co.ukNews.com.auAviation-safety.netWikipedia.comVice Australia podcast: ExtremesMusic By:Brokeforfree.comMatt EdwardsEdited By:MichaelNetwork:www.theoracl3network.comWebsite:https://anxiousandafraid.com/Support the show by purchasing our merch!https://www.teepublic.com/stores/anxious-and-afraid-the-pod?ref_id=13121You can also support the show by becoming a Patreon!Join today and get early ad-free episode releases and a shout-out on the show as well as a cool sticker!https://www.patreon.com/anxiousandafraid