Episode 7 - Enigma


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True Crime

This episode of the Rewriting Dad Podcast is called "Enigma" with Meg Murphy and Leslie Bradford-Scott. Changing up the format due to the pandemic, Meg and Leslie remotely interview a special guest, "Mike."  Mike knew Claudio in the last five years of his life and brings to light his quirky and insightful way of being in the world. He shares how he was forever impacted by their friendship and is strangely not surprised to learn about his mysterious past. "There is nothing that you can throw at me that would surprise me about that man."Leslie begins to feel she is having a relationship with her father from the grave.------------------------------HIGHLIGHTS02:59 Mike has a run-in with Claudio at the local swimming pool10:03 Claudio becomes an unlikely mentor 15:53 Mike is trusted with sad news19:35 The $1200 bottle of wine 27:21 Mike thinks Claudio may be a secret billionaire or a spy------------------------------QUOTES04:10  "He says, uh, that that's my shower. That's your shower? So I look at the other guys in there. They're just not even looking at me now. Okay. You know, there are 12 shower heads here on that wall? I didn't see you in the nameplate."08:13 "So I'm like, if you guys don't want me here, I'm not here. But I, I said, this is hysterical. I should be recording this. All these discussions you guys are having are crazy." 09:36 "How much did he talk about his life before, before you met him? You know, it was like pulling teeth, 'I had a diving business in Florida.' Yeah. I remember something about that."10:30 "Sort of a mentor. Yeah. Yeah. Funny, funny enough. I mean, I don't think if somebody would have asked me to pick at that stage in my life who a mentor is going to be, and the people I was associated with, I really didn't know that until I got to know him.14:27 "The mystery, the mystery of him, right? Yeah. Cause you're right. It just seemed like, it seemed like for one reason or another, he just knew everything." ------------------------------RESOURCEShttps://www.instagram.com/rewritingdad/https://www.facebook.com/rewritingdadhttps://www.rewritingdad.ca/Support the show (https://www.rewritingdad.ca/plans-pricing)Support the show (https://www.rewritingdad.ca/plans-pricing)