Episode 7 - Integrating Spiritual Exploration


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White Cloud Mystic Podcast


  Being able to integrate your spiritual growth is essential for having a sustainable and comfortable awakening process.  I explain four steps of integration for new phases of spiritual growth. These include: 1) “Set up camp“ - this looks like your daily rituals, spending time in your created sacred space, centering through meditatio, etc 2) “Recovery” - this is a deliberate information fast when you soothe your body 3) “Review the climb” - when you look over all you have newly discovered and parce through what will remain true for you 4) “Plan your route” - set your intention for what is next or ask the Universe, your spirit, or other higher energy what would be best for your spiritual growth This information is helpful for any type of spiritual seeker. I am looking forward to your input ? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thewhitecloudmystic