Episode 89: Joe Biden has a bad week; Ted Cruz shuts down idiots


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Harsh Reality


- Colorado mass-shooting falls off the media radar; - Ted Cruz shuts down idiots; - Colorado cake decorator dragged back into court by woke harassers; - MSNBC using fake pictures to push a narrative again; - Former fed prosecutor demands businesses publicly agree with him or face financial consequences; - Still nobody prosecuted for Kavanaugh hearings perjury; - Media bashing Christian college Cinderella team; - Joe Biden's train wreck of a 1st press conference; - College has 150 diversity officials; - Cinderella play cancelled because cast is "too white"; - NY Times argues a "fact" includes anything that can't be disproven; - "GenZ GOP" media star is really just a liberal Hillary supporter; - DOJ can't find anyone to prosecute for insurrection or sedition.