Episode 9 - Guerilla Media


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What's Up Naples

Society & Culture

Guerilla Media's award winning team has several decades of experience and together has produced hundreds of episodic television programs, compelling documentaries, commercials and infomercials. We have a successful process that can be scaled and replicated. No one is providing services of this type or quality, at this low of price point to any local businesses or entrepreneurs. No one will work harder to go above and beyond for our clients needs not just because it’s the right thing to do but because this is what we love to do and they are why we do it. Some may speculate that the 800lbs of power we talk about is ego from years in the industry but when you talk to anyone at Guerilla Media we hope you will see that our 800lbs. is all heart. Who we are at our core comes back to what we believe. We believe that being treated with respect, honesty and integrity are key values. We know these beliefs and values will be of benefit to you in how we serve you.