Episode 92: Post Office spying on us, FL & OK pass anti-riot laws


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Harsh Reality


U.S. Post Office spying on Americans' social media; Florida and Oklahoma pass anti-riot bills; Capitol Police officer not 'killed' during protest, died of natural causes; CDC broke fed law in changing cause of death standard, vastly inflating covid deaths; Maxine Waters gets police escort to a protest against police; Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: The most refreshing politician in Washington; New England Journal of Medicine: "Women" & "mothers" replaced by "pregnant persons"; Biden the only world leader wearing a mask on his zoom call; Bicycle helmets are racist; VA police officer fired for donating $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse; VA Dept of Education eliminating advanced math because "equity"; Scotland's rape statistics all screwed up by police allowing rapists to name their own gender; Mike Pence polls at 19% among GOP voters? Prob not.