Episode #93 feat. James Tidswell of Violent Soho


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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall


Violent Soho are back baby and they've got a brand new album under their belts which they're keen to show off to all of the supporters who have helped them along the way in their 18 year career as a band. Guitarist James Tidswell joins the show this week to chat all about Everything Is A-Ok getting released at a time when everything in the world is pretty much the complete opposite to the album's title and the band's progression and (for lack of a better word) maturing sound on the new release. He also shares a very special moment he had on last year's Good Things Festival run when he got the opportunity to meet his musical idol and inspiration Mark Hoppus and the wholesome AF encounter his daughter had with the icon, on stage, during their set in Brisbane. Grab the tissues, it's pretty good! Podcast host Browny tries his best to lift the spirits of those of us in lockdown while this dreaded coronavirus strips us of our fun and free time by getting on a bunch of classic tracks of yesteryear from Nirvana, Hole, blink-182, Vast and Smashing Pumpkins as well as showing off the new breed of Australian alt-rock bands keen to take over including Dear Seattle, LOSER, Sly Withers and Being Jane Lane. #WoSUATW #ViolentSoho #JamesTidswell #AustralianBands #SlyWithers #LOSER #DearSeattle #blink182 #MarkHoppus #BeingJaneLane #Nirvana #Hole #SmashingPumkins #Grunge #AltRock #Dregg #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU