Episode #94 feat. Chris Mackertich of DREGG


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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall


When a band grabs your attention the second they take to the stage and you're stuck in metal awe for the duration of their set, you HAVE to follow them up and see what they're all about afterwards hey! Well, that's the story behind how we discovered DREGG last year at Big Sound. The band who cross genres more then we cross borders these days have been fats making a name for themselves in Australia with their wacky on-stage antics, costumes and hardcore sound which, caught the attention of Epitaph Records who signed the lads not too long ago. This week frontman Chris Mackertich joins the podcast to chat all about their signing amidst a world struck down by COVID-19 and what this means for them moving forward. He also discusses the band's plan to not follow suit of what other acts are doing, to stand out from the pack and be themselves + his ideas for creatives (and anyone else stuck in self-isolation) to pass the time and make the most of this situation. Podcast host Browny also takes a look at the coronavirus parody band Vermicide Violence who teamed up with YouTube star Jarrod Alonge to release their pandemic deathcore anthem which went viral amongst the heavy music community! There's plenty of new tunes from In Hearts Wake, Make Them Suffer, Trivium, Lamb of God, Virtues, Fit For A King and heaps more so jump in and cure your boredom! #WoSUATW #DREGG #AustralianBands #EpitaphRecords #InHeartsWake #Virtues #FitForAKing #MakeThemSuffer #VermicideViolence #JarrodAlonge #Malevolence #Trivium #LambOfGod #AugustBurnsRed #ParkwayDrive #WallOfSoundAU #Podcast #MusicPodcast