Episode #95 feat. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS


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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall


Love. Loss. Hope. Overcoming. Four big words used to describe the story of love and the fallout that sometimes occurs, something with PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn has been writing and singing about for years and this week we get to go inside her mind as she co-hosts the latest episode of our podcast and you better believe it's gonna bring up a whole bunch of emotions you should probably address. Podcast host Browny goes deep with Lynn about their forthcoming album Use Me and their incredible Hallucinations EP which the band dropped last year and took the world by storm. Hear her stories, her heartbreak, how she didn't want to write songs about certain people but gave in when they become something so special that had to be shared with the world and hear her advice for those going through a similar situation. There's also plenty of new music to churn through including Angels & Airwaves, Fame On Fire, The Pretty Reckless, The Ghost Inside and a throwback to your MySpace phase with Cobra Starship and Aussie newcomers Necronata! #WoSUATW #PVRIS #LynGunn #UseMe #Hallucinations #AngelsAndAirwaves #AvA #CobraStarship #Necronata #MySpace #FameOnFire #Reliqa #AustralianBands #TheGhostInside #Cliffhanger #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU