Episode #97: WDIMoon!


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Welcome to What Does It Matter? Podcast! Episode #97: WDIMoon!Welcome back to WDIM Podcast!Josh from Creek Of The Week and Johnny Mnminute Podcast joins me to discuss....The Stand! We have thoughts! He has many! I interrupt often!How much do we stay on topic?Tune in. Tell your friends. Enjoy the real!Download the episode HERE! Star Wars talk!Wonder Woman 1984The Stand! Click here to donate to WDIM Podcast! Creek Of The Week!Johnny Mnminute!https://twitter.com/Ace_CollinsThe Circle Opens - Episode 1 Review!The Circle Opens - Episodes 4 and 5 Review!The Adventure Soundtrack - You Didn't Hear It (The Who cover)McHenry, Seymour, & Vorob Podcast Don't forget to use these links to support What Does It Matter? Podcast!Contact, follow, and subscribe to What Does It Matter? Podcast! with these links!WDIM Hotline - (973) 963-4556 WDIM Merch at Tee Public!WDIM Silly Songs!WDIM Podcast on YouTube!wdimpodcast@gmail.comhttp://www.twitter.com/wdimpodcasthttps://www.facebook.com/wdimpodcasthttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wdim-podcast/id1158571002https://myspace.com/wdimpodcastSubscribe in a reader "The Gates Of Fallopiah"Copyright 1997 Verkelehiekelum Music Very special thanks to Jason from Dumbprov Podcast for the cool artwork!Find him at http://dumbprov.libsyn.com/website Many thanks to Frank from Work/ Life Imbalance podcast for providing his wonderful voice for the intro!