Episode #99 feat. Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic


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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall


Pop Punk Is Alive and thriving in Australia and one band who is leading the pack at the moment is Syndey's Stand Atlantic who are on the verge of releasing their new album Pink Elephant on Friday through Hopeless Records so naturally, we had to get frontwoman Bonnie Fraser on the show to chat about it. A true pioneer for being yourself, Bonnie's hilarious antics online shine through her personality but also she takes time to reflect on the more personal side of her life which she shares through her strong, metaphorical (yet hard-hitting) lyrical content, something the band have nailed on this new release. Podcast host Browny and Bonnie, both members of the LGBTI community, also share a moment to offer insights to their personal life in hiding (back in the day) and serve up some helpful advice for those struggling with their sexuality, identity and hilariously remind you that there's nothing wrong with who you want to bone! We've also enlisted the help of Wall of Sound's resident pop punk expert Tamara May to bring you a plethora of upcoming and established bands flying the flag for new age pop punk from Australia and around the world. Featuring bands like Yours Truly, Grenade Jumper, Neck Deep, Sleep On It, Homestate, Paperweight, Hot Milk and heaps more...