Episode Five: Lofi Beats Radio "Beats to Live to" July 21, 2017


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Lofi Beats Radio


This is the fifth episode of Lofi Beats Radio, where the host and LoFi Hip Hop producer, Andre Ramone shares a LoFi Hip Hop mix featuring some of his favorite tracks by artists such as imjustakid and Caleb Belkin.*Update*This mix will be uploaded to YouTube as a mix called, "Beats to Live to" and will exist as a celebration of life and the living. My intention is to bring hope to those battling dispair and depression. I hear a lot a references to saddness and depression in various "Chill" music genres, and while I do get that the music often fits a sad or meloncholy vibe, I want to do my part to show the optimistic side to the music.The music community was rocked by news of the death of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington who took his own life recently. I have been a fan of him and the band for over 15 years and I was saddened to hear that the darkness won over the light in Chester's life. Please allow this mix to stand a tribute to a talented man who's light went out far too soon.RIP ChesterThe artists featured in the mix are as follows:1. [matador] — sakurahttps://soundcloud.com/lordmatador/sakura2. ¢hange — I beat shit up like tekkenhttps://soundcloud.com/ygphilly/i-beat-shit-up-like-tekken3. aimless — old habitshttps://soundcloud.com/aimless-beats/old-habits4. altitude. — l o s t // f o u n d.https://soundcloud.com/altitvde/l-o-s-t-f-o-u-n-d5. athena ♡ — breathtakingsea [visuals in desc]https://soundcloud.com/thegoddessofwisdom/breathtakingsea6. Audiobot's XTRAS — Audiobot - Bluehttps://soundcloud.com/audiobots-xtras/audiobot-blue7. o-nei-ric Tapes — Long.4.u- axiomhttps://soundcloud.com/o-nei-ric-tapes/long4u8. bzkt. aka lil bloodbath. — I just wanna die.https://soundcloud.com/b_z_k_t/i-just-wanna-die9. Caleb Belkin — for her.https://soundcloud.com/calebxbelkin/for-her10. cav. — rainhttps://soundcloud.com/prodbycav/rain-on-the-beach11. chuckee. — birthday beatshttps://soundcloud.com/orangesodabandit/birthday-beats12. BLVNT RECORDS — deadxbeat - dreamscapeshttps://soundcloud.com/blvntrecords/deadxbeat-dreamscapeism13. Kaizen 92 — mood.https://soundcloud.com/bess-one/inasmood14. heliflopper — w h t v rhttps://soundcloud.com/heliflopper/w-h-t-v-r15. N Puvi — Lofi Hip Hop Instrumental - S u n s e thttps://soundcloud.com/npuvi/lofi-hip-hop-instrumental16. Legit Jesus — a beat [lofi hip hop]https://soundcloud.com/legitjesus/a-beat-lofi-hip-hop17. Herb Marquis II — After Eleven - LoFi Hip Hop Beathttps://soundcloud.com/herbmarquis/after-eleven-lofi-hip-hop-beat18. Andre Ramone — Edenhttps://soundcloud.com/andreramoneofficial/eden19. lo.firec — Seshhttps://soundcloud.com/razzbeats47/sesh20. ☁BROCKBEATS☁ — Believe Mehttps://soundcloud.com/brock1112/brockbeats-lunch-time-sleeps-07-believe-meContact: lofibeatsradio@gmail.comPodcast Feed:https://archive.org/download/LofiBeatsRadioEpisodeFive72117/Lofi%20Beats%20Radio%20Episode%20Five-%207-21-17.mp3