Episode 13 | Gift Tips and Gun Control


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Hello Today with Tripp and Tyler


In this episode, Tripp and Tyler discuss their best tips for giving gifts this time of year (or any time really) and Tripp shares an unbelievable story involving him and a gun.  If you enjoyed the podcast, would you consider leaving a review? Links to things we mentioned Article: We Are Our Guns — The First Step To Meaningful Change In The Conversation Off-White Elephant Rules: Everyone draws a number When it’s your turn, you have two options: 1. steal somene’s gift2. pick a new one (if you touch one, it’s yours) If a person wants to steal your gift, you can BLOCK the steal by doing one of the following: - singing one verse and one chorus of a song of the stealer’s choice at your best ability (any attempt at comedy will result in disqualification*)- taking 2 shots- miming a 20 second fool around session that progresses to second base- sit in a chair facing a wall for the next 10 minutes- audibly fart for real- read your most recent email in your best british accent- eat an entire can of peas If your steal is blocked, you have to pick a new gift If your gift is stolen, you must pick a new one from the pile. Each individual “block method” can only be used twice. Each gift can only be stolen or blocked a total of 2 times Once all of the gifts are taken from under the tree, the person who went first gets one last opportunity to trade (gifts traded twice are still not eligible) Tripp's best (photoshopped) White Elephant gift: This Tyler's go-to gift in recent years: Moonwalking with Einstein   Want new episodes of Hello Today with Tripp and Tyler sent directly to your device as soon as they become available? Just subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.