Episode Six: Lofi Beats Radio July 28, 2017


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Lofi Beats Radio


This is the fifth episode of Lofi Beats Radio, where the host and LoFi Hip Hop producer, Andre Ramone shares a LoFi Hip Hop mix featuring some of his favorite tracks by artists such as Hanshiro, Seneca B and Tomppabeats.The artists featured in the mix are as follows:Hanshirohttps://soundcloud.com/hanshiro-4235073    1. Hanshiro — i guess you could say that i'm just lonely    2. Hanshiro — Seito - Kai    3. Hanshiro — No Reflection    4. Hanshiro — avid reader     5. Hanshiro — That Girl In Red JacketSeneca Bhttps://soundcloud.com/senecabeats    6. Seneca B — Beef      7. Seneca B — Wear Out     8.  Seneca B — After Midnight        9. Seneca B — 1986    10.Seneca B - Flowers (धम्मपद Old Boy)      11.Seneca B — AngelsTomppabeatshttps://soundcloud.com/tomppabeats       12.tomppabeats — tina (ft.ohwell)      13.tomppabeats — just one more dance    14.tomppabeats — summer lover (ft. in love with a ghost) 7" out now      15.tomppabeats — snowin'       16.tomppabeats — tale      17.tomppabeats - being in love with you (ext.)    18.tableturn — Tomppabeats - U Love    19.Tomppabeats - On Your MindContact: lofibeatsradio@gmail.comPodcast Feed: https://archive.org/download/LofiBeatsRadioEpisodeSix72817/Lofi%20Beats%20Radio%20Episode%20Six-%207-28-17.mp3