Episode Sixty Six


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Portland Beer Club Podcast


PORTLAND BEER CLUB PODCAST - YOUR ONLINE BOTTLESHARE Episode: Sixty Six Recorded Date: 1.13.2021 Hosts: Nooner, Ramhouse, Beefy 7, & Just Shitz This Episode... - Top 4 List - Beers of 2020 - Mystery Beers - On Hold Until We’re All Back In The Studio - Trivia From: Beef? - It’s Not Beer But It Is: How was your Holidays if you partake? - Other Tops of 2020 - 3 Way Is Announced - Hill Farmstead, Portland Brewing, The Old Flat Tail, & Upright News - Can Your Adjuncts Get You In Lawsuit Trouble? - Brewery Release Calendars - Homebrew Exchange Update - What’s Coming To Beaverton & Lake Oswego? - Portland Cocktails To Go Contact us at portlandbeerclub@gmail.com Listen on most podcast outlets or at www.portlandbeerclubpodcast.com Follow us on all the social medias & Untapped Thank you to Psychostick for letting us use their song “Beer!” A RamShack Production © 2020 and beyond…