Episode Zero- Introduction to the series "Stories from Upanishads"


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Stories from Upanishads

Religion & Spirituality

I am a software professional and working for various corporates and MNCs for the past 23 years. While I am working on tight deadlines I realised that we need an outlet to relax, rejuvenate, to recapture our souls. So I started reading Upanishads and found a wealth of stories which shake you up and ask you to contemplate further.

Did you know there were about 200 Upanishads? Did you know Adi Shankaracharya commented on ten Upanishads which are called Ten Principal Upanishads? Did you know the Upanishads were written over a huge period of time? Even they were written during and post Buddhist era. There are many Upanishads which have influences from Buddhism and Jainism.

These Upanishads provide us with a wealth of tales and stories which are filled with knowledge on Self Realization, Supreme Being or Brahman, Individual Self or Aatman, and several other concepts such as Righteousness or Dharma, Liberation or Moksha and Right Action or Karma. This episode Zero is a thread of a necklace which provides you with a very short introduction to Upanishads.

Stories from Upanishads retold by Arghya Goswami,

Concept, Script, Narration and Audio Design: Arghya Goswami

The stories are sourced from various Upanishads, books by Swami Ranganathannda and Upanishads.org.

The background music is sourced from various royalty-free music sources, Apple Loops and Internet Archives with a Non-Commercial 4.0 International license. Aum Shantih chants are from Youtube - source - Gaiea Sanskrit.

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