Eric Pepin Live Session 39 Clip: Energy & Empathy


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Eric Pepin Live Session 39 Clip: Energy & EmpathyIn this clip from an EJP Live class, here’s what you’ll learn from Eric’s conversations with real students:Why energy vampires are attracted to youHow to know when to help someone or notThe key thing you should be thinking about when meeting another personHow to do a “soft scan” and figure out what someone is feelingWhen opening up is natural and when it’s forcedHow you’re affected positively & negatively by people around youWhy self-awareness is keyWhat the “Immersion Meditation” really isTo get the full class, email us at or give us a call!To sign up for the next EJP Live, go here: 1-800-935-4007International: 1-503-646-4000Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm PST See for privacy and opt-out information.