Eric Tonningsen Share Rock 'n' Roll Keys to Success


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Rock 'n' Roll Success & Motivation Show


For 25+ years, Eric Tonningsen held progressively responsible leadership positions in the business world. While quite successful, he long knew he was misaligned between what he did to earn a living and who he was at his core. He wasn’t living and being his values, so he walked away from the comfort of the corporate cocoon – cold turkey. He chose a new life direction and profession and launched his full-time Coaching practice in early 2006. Blissfully, he’s never looked back. Eric speaks, writes, hosts a radio show, and coaches -- to inspire people entering life’s “Third Act” to review and renew their lives. He focuses on helping people create shifts from lives filled with traditional measures of success to aligning their lives with even greater significance. A four-year board member and Past President of the New Mexico Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Eric received his B.S. degree in Economics and Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a M.B.A. in International Political Economy and Technology from George Mason University. An avid traveler, his lifelong nomadic lifestyle found him calling Corrales, New Mexico his home eight years ago.