Expectation v. Reality: Denver's first four games


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Rainbow Skyline: A Show About The Denver Nuggets


Sure, a larger number in the win column would be welcomed by Nuggets fans, but is the club right about where everyone expected them to be to begin the season, or are they off course? Dave and Kendra investigate that thought and compare it to the reality of Denver's current situation. What were the expectations for the defense early on (4:30)? What about performances from Nikola Jokic (10:00), Jamal Murray (12:00) and Michael Porter Jr. (14:30)? How about everyone else (18:30)? Follow Kendra on Twitter: @kendra_andrews Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveDuFourNBA Get a subscription, gift a subscription! Visit: theathletic.com/rainbowskyline Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices