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SUMMARYThis Family Secrets Edition of the Rewriting Dad Podcast is called "Crawlspace" with Meg Murphy and Leslie Bradford-Scott. Today, an avid listener named Brooke calls in to share the story of her grandfather and his possible connection with the disappearance of two men. Brooke tells stories of her grandfather's violent home life, his questionable behavior as a detective, and why she thinks a crawlspace in his old home could reveal the truth behind the mystery.  ------------------------------HIGHLIGHTS01:17 Brooke's grandfather & the mystery of the two disappeared men05:47 Uncovering clues of a violent past10:13 Pursuing the truth behind the mystery------------------------------QUOTES01:53 "My grandfather was a detective in Louisville, Kentucky so he was on the police force and quite possibly the worst person you could have in a position of power."02:45 "He remembers other detectives coming to their house one time and questioning his dad about the disappearance of 2 men. And, of course, they shooed him out of the room so he didn't get to hear everything but he remembered that."04:17 "It was the first time that my dad stood up to him and he told him to leave. And when he did that, his dad told him that he would make him disappear just like the other two."08:51 "I got my grandfather's personnel record from the police department. It was like 31 pages and full of crazy stuff. I found newspaper articles where he was punished for... he beat a dog to death in the middle of a street that had been hit by a car."------------------------------RESOURCES the show (