FASD Elephant™ #014: Interview with Morgan Fawcett – A Flute Like Medicine: Part 2


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Welcome to the FASD Elephant™ Podcast. Today we’re going to continue with the last half of my interview with Morgan Fawcett on May 25th, 2011. More details are in the previous podcast, number 13. Here are some websites to find more about Morgan, his CDs, and FASD: Morgan's website for FASD advocacy: One Heart Creations Morgan's CDs can be purchased from CD Baby or iTunes Morgan’s photography and music: www.morganfawcett.com Morgan’s videos: www.youtube.com/user/MorganFawcett Morgan on NOFAS: Tom and Linda Daschle FASD Hall of Fame The FASD Wheel™ and FASD Elephant™ are now on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: Facebook: FASD Wheel News & Tips Twitter: @FASDElephant YouTube: FASDElephant Sign up for email: Receive a free FASD Wheel™ Mini Manual Feedback or comments may be sent to: Michael__at__FASDElephant__dot__com.