FASD Elephant™ #016: Interview with Jody Allen Crowe - Health Brains for Children


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Jody Allen Crowe - Healthy Brains for Children Starting the Podcast Relaunch with Jody Allen Crowe The 2013 FASD Matters Conference in November was a terrific experience! I met a lot of great new folks in the FASD community, and visited with old friends and acquaintances from over the years, too. One busy and interesting fellow I was finally able to meet and interview is Jody Allen Crowe, Executive Director of Healthy Brains for Children in Eagan, MN. This interview leads off the new year and the 2013 podcast relaunch. (You may have noticed there's more FASD blogs and resources on the website, and now the podcasts are starting up again.) And What a Great Way to Start off the Podcast Relaunch! Jody is an educator with innovative ideas and perspective. He first learned about FASD in late 1980s as an elementary school teacher in northern MN, and he started noticing the impact of the condition on students'  learning. Since then, he worked in several educational systems and then founded Healthy Brains for Children in 2008. The mission of Healthy Brains is prevention, and Jody is especially interested in developing actionable FASD prevention activities for high school kids. Finding few to no activities "out there," Jody came up with the idea of placing pregnancy tests in bars. They started with a bar in Mankato, MN, and since then the impact has been huge with the "Think Before You Drink" campaign. He also authored the book, The Fatal Link (2008), his journey of learning about prenatal alcohol exposure and its relation to potentially devastating effects when left untreated. Listen in to the podcast to find out more about Jody Allen Crowe, and check out his website: HealthyBrainsforChildren.org Help Me Figure out Books to Write I'm finally getting my act together to finish up the books, chapters, and articles on FASD I've written or started over the years. For a limited time, I'm holding a survey with a chance to win US$5 Starbucks cards or an FASD Elephant™ coffee mug. More information at my recent blog posting or click and fill out my online survey to share your ideas and a chance to win (till January 28, 2014). As always, contact me at Michael_at_FASDElephant_dot_com or message from the FASD Elephant Facebook Fanpage.