Finale - Battle of the Museum


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Tales From The Museum


Listen(33:52, 32.7 MB mp3, released 2013.02.04)It all comes down to this: Nash and his co-workers, having received warnings of something big and spooky about to happen, are unable to enjoy the Museum's big Halloween party. Their worried minds are soon made worrieder by the appearance of several ghosts, a medium and a strange mix of highly sinister characters. It soon becomes apparent that there is a turf war in progress - and the Battle For The Museum has already begun...Is it this boring in YOUR office?Written by Charles RussellPerry Whittle as Keith Nash Amanda Fitzwater as Helene Mancuso Captain John Tadrzak as Professor Stein Alasdair Stuart as Casey M. Sieiro Garcia as Mala Monroe April Sadowski as Angie/Adrienne Rebecca Thrasher as Jane Marleigh Norton as Alexis Jon Specht as Damien H. Keith Lyons as Larry Audio Élan as Miranda/Volka Chip Joel as various goons and David Ault as Argus Original music composed by Joey Stuckey and Kevin MacLeodThis series is produced by Elie HirschmanPost-production work by Greg Wilkinson"Every man is a warrior inside. But the choice to fight is his own." - John Eldredge