Finding Hidden Magic | Tommy Honton


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Immersion Nation Podcast


This week in the interview we talk with experience designer Tommy Honton about finding hidden magic in the world and Tommy's origin story. The creation of Stash House, LA. Why the Los Angeles legislature is confused about immersive entertainment. The art of the 2nd or 3rd impression and how Tommy used his unique way of connecting with people to find his way onto the path of the professional immersive experience designer. And so much more.Note: This is the first episode of season 2 and as such, we’re going to be doing things a little differently! -- Each episode will have 3 segmentsFirst, a comprehensive explanation of the relevant experiences and an introduction of the guest. Second, the interview as always. Third, the Immersion Community Briefing, where we take a few minutes to discuss the happenings in the immersive world over the course of the last week. This week there are two relevant experiences. First, being StashHouse and the second being The Museum of Selfies. Visit the page for this podcast on the ImNation Site for complete show notes!