First Choice College Tips - Episode 11


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First Choice College Tips Podcast


In this episode James catches up with his former roommate at Yale University Bill Tessier. After studying a BA in fine art, Bill went on to complete his masters at UCLA. Bill started his career in animation as an intern working on Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone at Sony Pictures. He went on to work in animation for many years, receiving credits for films including: Stuart Little 2, Open Season, Bee Movie, Kung fu Panda 2, Frozen, Polar Express. Bill also worked in the games industry for some time, as part of Disney Infinity 3.0. Bill Tessier now works as Professor of Computer Animation at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Bill talks about the many job roles students can get into within the animation industry. He shares his top book choices as well as what students should be doing to try and secure intern work. Bill also shares how students can get access to top animation software for free.