First Plants


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Of Secrets, Nature ... and ... of my Cats


For the audio Podcast of poem, click below on title in bold: FIRST PLANTSYou can also get this Podcast from iTunes!First Plants is a poem about the Celebration of Spring.And in celebrating the first days of Spring we invoke the Divine Feminine in our praises. That She may come into our lives at this time of year in our hopes for Her abundance, love and Grace.In this She bids us to give Her the first plants, to dance with Her the first dance, to enfold ourselves within Her and to love Her. That if we give ourselves to Her, She will guide us and lead us to our true spiritual home.That as Seekers of this Truth, She will know us and enjoin us in our dance. For a pdf file for the words of this poem click here: FirstPlants.pdfTo contact me, you may email me at:,or visit my WebSite at: www.EldritchTradition.comIf you'd like to Subscribe to this Feed at Feedburner, click on image below: