Fitness Coach - Rafa Martinez | Midnight in Miami Ep #98


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Midnight in Miami


Gamero is back this week with a phenomenal episode in store for you when we are joined by none other than Rafa Martinez!  Rafa is no stranger to the MiM set and is actually joining us for a THIRD time and we could not be more excited! Rafa recently made a BIG move to California and we get the chance to sit down with him and see what it truly means to uproot your life and business and plant it somewhere else and what those changes could mean for a business! We get some health and fitness tips, and we get into the reason why the mental aspect of nutrition and fitness is so vital and instrumental to whether someone will succeed or fail. All this and SO MUCH MORE! This is an episode you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.  All this and so much more on this week's episode of Midnight in Miami!