'Five Times is Enough', with Mike Ehredt


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Singletrack with Mathias Eichler and Douglas Scott


Fresh off his 5th Hardrock100 finish Mike Ehredt is back on the show to share his latest adventures in the San Juans. The veteran Hardrocker reflects on this beautiful route and what it takes to successfully complete this extreme race as a back of the pack runner. We dive into what makes this community special and what the future holds for him in Silverton. Mike's also a race director, and so of course we talk about the challenges and joys of organizing a trail race. Links: Mike Runs Idaho Mike on Instagram Hardrock 100 Endurance Run Little Backyard Adventure Swantown Inn & Spa OlyFed Tailwind Nutrition Kevin Hayward Statefarm Eastside Big Tom HomeLight Club Oly Road Running Squirrel's Nut Butter Heritage Bank