FME Show #9 (Season 2 Premier)


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Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast


FME Show #9 Listen to the top-notch mixing, recording, and/or production skills of Julie Kathryn (a.k.a. I Am Snow Angel), Emily Bowie, Jojo Worthington, and Darcy Jeavons. Also, an update on the free Loudness Penalty Analyzer tool by MeterPlugs (which tells you if your track will have its volume decreased before playback on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and more) — and a link to a FREE plugin license for a cool plugin of your choice from Black Rooster Audio. Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast. 4 Songs. 4 Ladies. 4 Home Studios. For YOU!   Julie Kathryn (a.k.a. I Am Snow Angel) “Waste’ (artist - Yify Zhang) Spotify: iTunes: YouTube:   Emily Bowie “Northern Lady” (artist - Dylan Evans) Spotify: iTunes:   Jojo Worthington “Wake” (artist -The Lifers) Spotify: iTunes:   Darcy Jeavons recent works “Where I Call Home” (artist - Kim Yarson) Marmoset Library: Soundcloud:   Come like our page at   The Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast brings to your ears 4 songs created by 4 very talented females in 4 unique home studios. These ladies share their gear, technique, and secrets as to how they have achieved the great sound you have heard. The FME Podcast has been created to help and inspire YOU to make fantastic music in your home studio. Encouraging females to become more involved in the field of audio engineering, as well as entertaining everyone who searches for fabulous original music. You won’t just hear this music, you will feel it! Thank you for spending a few precious moments of your day here with us!   Are you a female who produces, edits, mixes and/or masters your own (or clients) original music? Please submit links to your tracks to: Do you have questions about mixing, mastering, or production? Do you have suggestions for the show? Do you want to give a shoutout to any of the ladies whose music on the show? Do you just wanna say “HI”? Then go to and on the right side of the screen you will see the “SEND VOICEMAIL” button (NO PHONE REQUIRED) and leave a voicemail and you could be aired on the next episode! If you want to use your smartphone you will need to download the SpeakPipe app — it’s free! We can’t wait to hear from you and maybe air you on the show!   Black Rooster Audio (André Kirchner) The Canary - Free Drum Transient Shaper Demo   Loudness Penalty Analyzer   Waves/Michael Brauer Motion Auto-Panner Plugin:   Shameless plug: Single “You Will Be Found” (Cover) by Matthew Darren and Matty D’s Selfie Choir (choir filmed/recorded on cellphones) Video: Mixing & Mastering by Darcy Jeavons All proceeds go to The Trevor Project