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HNM015 "Free Music - Guitarist Cheyenne Smith Interview"  Welcome to the Holbrook New Media Audio Feed. We do Audio, Video, Content Creation, and That Other Stuff. Today we have a special treat. Guitarist Cheyenne Smith is here for a conversation and a sampling of his music. I suggest that you listen with ear buds or even studio quality headphones to get the full impact of Cheyenne's genius on the strings. You can find Cheyenne Smith on Facebook, and the full contact info and links will be in the show notes at   Links Mentioned In This Episode    If you would like to receive notifications of new episodes in your email, go to On the right side of the page there is a place to subscribe to the blog. We hope you enjoy the show! All Things Jeffrey K. Holbrook: A special thanks for Brother Jon at the Remnant Bible Fellowship Podcast for composing and performing the theme music for the audio version of the show. Affiliate links cost you nothing extra, but help support The Show! If you are wondering about starting your own podcast, go to Find the Video Version on Facebook!¬if_id=1501798614017184 My personal YouTube Channel: