Friday Night Live Episode 15 for 09/26/08


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Friday Night Live Episode 15 for 09/26/08 -This show was recorded LIVE on This weeks Top 10 Box Office Movies 1) Lakeview Terrace $15,004,672 2) Burn After Reading $11,028,257 3) My Best Friend's Girl $8,265,357 4) Igor $7,803,347 5) Righteous Kill $7,424,479 6) Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys $7,271,899 7) The Women $5,417,779 8) Ghost Town $5,012,315 9) The Dark Knight $2,915,174 10) The House Bunny $2,662,650 Laura Ashley's Television! Ugly Betty premiered Thursday and it was amazing. Betty is single. Danielle is now working at Player magazine. And Willimena totally took over mode. Stay tuned Ugly Betty is every Thursday at 8 pm PST. On ABC. Dexter is a Miami police forensic scientist whose secret hobby is stalking and killing bad guys. Dexter premieres Sunday, September 28th at 9 pm PST. On showtime. Life is a show about TV's most intriguing detective and La's most unusual crimes. Life is every Friday at 10pm PST. On NBC. Paris Hilton's my new BFF premieres live from Hollywood Tuesday September 30th at 9pm PST. On MTV. Austin's Pick of the Week: Google Turns 10! MySpace redoes the music page! Magic gadget with Magic Matt Play Station Portable (PSP) - Has built in Wi-Fi - Can surf the web - Many more features! Austin's Music Update Britney Spears released new single "Womanizer" on her new album "Circus." Demi Lovato released her new "Album Don't Forget." Top Songs on iTunes: 10 - American Boy (feat. Kanye West) - Etella 9 - I'm Yours - Jason Mraz 8 - Paper Planes - M.I.A. 7 - Disturbia - Rihanna 6 - Love Story - Taylor Swift 5 - Hot N Cold - Katy Perry 4 - Right Now (NaNaNa) - Akon 3 - Whatever You Like - T.I. 2 - So What! - P!nk 1 - Love Lockdown - Kanye West Laura Ashley's Celebrity News! Jessica Simpson just came out with a new perfume called Fancy! She probably had to do something like this because her newest country c.d. isn't doing so well. Singing isn't making her much money so on to perfume! Holly Madison has moved out of the playboy mansion after she realized Heff was never going to marry her! She is supposedly dating Criss Angel. I hope she's happy. DJ A.M. and Travis Barker are lucky to be alive after their plane blew a tire, went off the runway and caught on fire. Travis is burned from the stomach down and DJ A.M. has burns on his arms and head. They will need several skin grafts and it will take up to a year for them to recover. Hope they get through this okay. Lindsay Lohan made it official that she has been dating DJ Samatha Ronson. And now she has a role on Ugly Betty. Lots of luck to her. DIVA ALLERT! Christina Aguilera insisted on police to escort her to her concerts. She must have ten bottles of water, malt flavor carnation instant breakfast, and flinstone vitamins. She bans processed meats and non organic fruits and veggies from her diet, and she doesn't want to use any Styrofoam or plastic. Beyonce must have baked chicken in her food trays, her dressing room must be 78 degrees exactly and her bathroom must always be totally disinfected. Celine Dion has a 67 page list of demands. Some are a dentist, a throat doctor, 11 bodyguards, and a local 20 to 24 local children's choir on "call". Amy Winehouse demands two bottles of red wine, a case of beer, large bottles of vodka, champagne and whiskey. Oh..she also demands mineral water, yogurt and fruit smoothies.