Friday Night Live Episode 16 for 10/03/08


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Friday Night Live Episode 16 for 10/03/08 -This show was recorded LIVE on This weeks Top 10 Box Office Movies 1) Lakeview Terrace $15,004,672 2) Burn After Reading $11,028,257 3) My Best Friend's Girl $8,265,357 4) Igor $7,803,347 5) Righteous Kill $7,424,479 6) Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys $7,271,899 7) The Women $5,417,779 8) Ghost Town $5,012,315 9) The Dark Knight $2,915,174 10) The House Bunny $2,662,650 Laura Ashley's T.V. News! CSI starts off with a big bang. Season 9 premieres Thursday October 9th, on CBS @ 9PM PST. Brotherhood is a show on Lifetime every Saturday @ 9. It is a drama about a juror convinced that she sent an innocent woman to prison. Remember the show Lost?? Yes it has seemed to be forever since it was last on. I can't wait for the fifth season. They have already shot three episodes for this ABC drama, which is debuting in early '09. Jin and Claire are mysteriously missing in action. Rebecca Romijn who plays Alexis Mead on Ugly Betty is pregnant. She is going to be leaving the show. There is going to be a shocking turn of events this month involving the two youngest Mead heirs, and there is going to be a grand fairwell for Alexis Mead. Queen Latifah is getting in the middle of the Vice President debate, by portraying it on SNL this week. Austin's Pick of the Week: For a few weeks, Matt has been giving us the top 10 movies of the week. Well, if you love movies, I have the site to tell you about! This week's site is called Flixter. Flixter has been open for about two and a half years, and has had over 15 million unique visitors, and has almost 2 billion movie ratings! So, if you hear something cool that Matt mentions, or you're about to hit the theater, be sure to check out to see the latest reviews! Magic gadget with Magic Matt: Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro USB TV Stick - USB TV Tuner Card - HD - Many more features! Austin's Music Update Alice in Chains will be recording their first album in 13 years! They will head to the studio in Fall with their new singer William DuVall so be looking out for that! Miley Cyrus was captured in a photo when leaving the tanning salon. In the photo, her hair is a complete mess and the tan was horrible! If you want to see what it looked like, google image search Oompa-Loompa. Top 10 songs right now according to Billboard's Hot 100 are: 10.Estelle Featuring Kanye West – American Boy 9. Taylor Swift – Love Story 8. Ne-Yo - Closer 7. T-Pain Featuring Lil Wayne – Can't Believe It 6. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold 5. M.I.A. - Paper Planes 4. Rihanna - Disturbia 3. Kanye West – Love Lockdown 2. Pink – So What 1. T.I. Whatever You Like Laura Ashley's Celebrity News! Brad Pitt works hard to stay looking great. Besides working out he uses a special wrinkle free lotion. Once a week he puts olive oil based creams on his hands and feet to keep his skin wrinkle free. Brad Pitt has also recently forced Angelina Jolie to receive therapy for not eating. Ever since she gave birth to her twins she's been depressed and not eating. She's lost most of the baby weight but she still thinks she's fat even when Brad tells her she isn't. She's doing yoga to try to loose more weight. It's all in her head and I hope that the therapy helps her. Britney Spears want to follow in the footsteps of Jane Fonda, and is rumored to be releasing her own fitness DVD. She had gained lots of wait giving birth to her two sons but recently she has returned to her good figure by doing tons of exercise and having a healthy diet. Now she wants to share her fitness secrets with the world by making her own workout videos. DJ AM is recuperating well. He was seen taking his trash out while wearing a neck brace.